Entry declaration

by entering one or any of our events  you are declaring that....

I/We the undersigned apply to enter the event describedand in consideration thereof:-

I/We further declare that I/we are physically and mentally fit to take part in the event and are competent to do so.

I/we confirm that I/we understand the nature and type of event we are entering and its inherent risks and agree to accept the same notwithstanding that such risks may involve negligence on the part of the organisers or officials.

I/we confirm that the machine(s) as described  which I/we compete on shall be suitable and proper for purpose .

I/we confirm that if any part of the event takes place on a public highway, the machine(s) as decribed shall be insured as required by road traffic act or equivalent legislation and that it/they will comply with regulations in respect thereof.

I/we agree that Iam /  we are required to register our arrival by signing on at the designated place not less than 30 mins prior to comencement of my/our practice or competition which ever comes first.



I/we understand that by taking part in this event I/we are exposed to risks of death, becoming permanently disabled or sufferring some other serious injury and I/we acknowledge that even in an event that the negligence on the part of the IOPD , the promoter, the organiser club, the venue owner, or any individuals carrying out his duties on their behalf were to be a contributary cause of any serious injury I/we may suffer, dominant cause of injury will always be my/our voluntary decision to take part in high risk activity



Wales and west enduro club


Thankyou for your support in 2017  see you all in 2018.   Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

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