Membership information                 

Membership and prices

prices correct at nov 2020.  subject to change

Club membership   £10
iopd licence   £20
day licence   £10
Members race cost   £50
Non members race cost   £55
Practice day adult member   £30
Practice day adult non-member   £35
Practice day under 15's   £20

Club Rules

1. Membership to club is open to anyone over the age of 15.  (15 being the minimum age to compete)

2. The management reserve the right to refuse entry

3. Club championship is only open to club members and as such trophies and prizes will be resrticted to such members

4. 1st prize will be awarded to top points scorer over all classes as will 2nd prize be awarded to second highest points scorer. If any scores are tied 1st, 2nd and 3rd places etc will be taken into account.

5. If a rider changes class and/or machine engine layout (4stroke/2stroke) any points occured will not be carried over to new class.

6. Anyone found bringing the club into disrepute will beexcluded from the club.

7. All races will count towards championship results.

8. The club management reserve the right to change club rules or add to them without notice.

9. Noise limits for ALL events is 94DB this will be enforced with random noise testing.

10. Membership of club will run from 1st Jan - 31st Dec.

11. Abuse of officials/marshals will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Anyone carrying out such abuse will be asked to leave the event.

12. Children and  pets must be kept under control at ALL times.

13. No minibikes or pitbikes without permission of an event official.

14. Walking speed to be observed in ALL pit/paddock parking areas.

General Information

1. We will be running the events/practices under the rules and regulations of the IOPD

2. All competitiors must have an IOPD licence

3. No licence is reqired for practice days

4. All machines must comply with a noise limit of 94DB

5. We will be using tranponder timing

6. NO TEAR OFFS allowed at any event

7. A riders briefing will take place 15mins before each race starts

8. All riders must be physically and mentally fit to enter any event or practice

9. All riders of SOLO motorcycles must wear suitable helmet whilst riding at all times

10. Other protective gear is recommended whilst riding. eg. boots (moto x type) eye protection, gloves, body armour, knee pads etc.    No high Vis please .  Helmets recommended on quads

11. Riders are required to sign on first then get their machine scrutineered. Practice machinery will be checked on entry to course

12. Any tyre is acceptable for race and practice events, but round black oones are recommended

13. LITTER and rubbish are a huge problem for organisers. Please put your litter in a bin or take it home

14. Members may book into any event by phone , email or textand pay on the day

15. Non-members may enter any event but must send entry form with payment to reach us by Wednesday before the weekend of the event.

16. Competition points will be awarded as such... 1st - 20, 2nd - 17, 3rd - 15, 4th - 13, 5th - 11, 6th - 10, 7th - 9, 8th - 8, 9th - 7, 10th - 6, 11th - 5, 12th - 4, 13th- 3, 14th - 2, 15th - 1.

17. Refulling in designated areas only

18. No power washing

19. Maximum of two helpers per rider in pits/refuelling areas. No children or pets

20, Environmental mats to be used in in pits please

21. Riders numbers MUST be displayed on front and side plates at all times

22. GENERATORS must be off by 22.00 if camping , camping is permitted with consent of the land owner. please check with race director or secretary.

23. as from 2020 any refunds willl be subject to £10 amin fee 

Entry declaration

by entering one or any of our events  you are declaring that....

I/We the undersigned apply to enter the event describedand in consideration thereof:-

I/We further declare that I/we are physically and mentally fit to take part in the event and are competent to do so.

I/we confirm that I/we understand the nature and type of event we are entering and its inherent risks and agree to accept the same notwithstanding that such risks may involve negligence on the part of the organisers or officials.

I/we confirm that the machine(s) as described  which I/we compete on shall be suitable and proper for purpose .

I/we confirm that if any part of the event takes place on a public highway, the machine(s) as decribed shall be insured as required by road traffic act or equivalent legislation and that it/they will comply with regulations in respect thereof.

I/we agree that Iam /  we are required to register our arrival by signing on at the designated place not less than 30 mins prior to comencement of my/our practice or competition which ever comes first.



I/we understand that by taking part in this event I/we are exposed to risks of death, becoming permanently disabled or sufferring some other serious injury and I/we acknowledge that even in an event that the negligence on the part of the IOPD , the promoter, the organiser club, the venue owner, or any individuals carrying out his duties on their behalf were to be a contributary cause of any serious injury I/we may suffer, dominant cause of injury will always be my/our voluntary decision to take part in high risk activity

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